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Dukun Diva Special Pack
Dukun Diva Special Pack
Dukun Diva Special Pack
Dukun Diva Special Pack
Dukun Diva Special Pack

    Dukun Diva Special Pack

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    Love18C X Astro Gempak Dukun Diva - Wasabi Dark Chocolate

    Che Yah Wasabi

    A character that defines Diva at its best, Rubiah Samsudin or best known as Che Yah in Dukun Diva give us all the pungent taste we need in a drama series. Described as the Che Diva Wannabe, Che Yah is a bold and feisty lady, who always speaks her mind without considering the consequences. A washed-up actress struggling with debt, Che Yah working her way out by pretending to be a shaman to swindle Dato‚Äô DD in her ‚ÄėDukun‚Äô scam. Similar to the taste of wasabi, Che Yah impulsiveness and feistiness give a pungent taste at the receiver‚Äôs end ‚Äď in her case, whoever that is in her way of getting what she wants.

    Wasabi Dark Chocolate

    Love18C was playful while at the same time serious when we decided to create our Japanese Wasabi Dark Chocolate. We wanted to find out how far we can mix dark chocolate with wasabi, a pungent condiment used for sushi and other Japanese foods. We leave it to you to tell us if you like this, but we just love it!

    This chocolate mysteriously tastes good and scored a 100% in our internal blind test group, and we thought it would be a sin if we did not bring it into the market.

    Love18C X Astro Gempak Dukun Diva - Pineapple White Chocolate

    Lola Pineapple

    A sweet, zesty, and rebellious character, Norlela Binti Hashim or best known as Lola in Dukun Diva, is Che Yah‚Äôs niece and partner in crime in their ‚ÄėDukun‚Äô scam. Described as Cik Know It All, Lola is a street smart and independent girl. Behind her grunge look and rebellious temperament, Lola, as her name suggests - is a sweet girl with very much hidden darkness. Result of her hard bitter life growing up, she portrays herself as a tough girl. While deep down, she is thoughtful to the less fortunate and has a soft spot for people she cares about. Just like the pineapple fruit, tough leathery skin on the outside, sweet zesty taste on the inside.

    Pineapple white chocolate

    An enhanced and improved version of our previous edition, with better pineapple that Love18C source from a local provider. We are proud of the taste, smell and aroma of Malaysia grown pineapple. The richness of the pineapple aroma and sweetness of the taste paired perfectly with white chocolate to give great pleasure in tasting, or even serve as chocolate spread for your chocolate sandwiches.

    Love18C X Astro Gempak Dukun Diva - Macadamia Dark Chocolate

    Dato' DD Macadamia

    As the name suggests, Dahlia Deeba Binti Idrus or famously known as Dato‚Äô DD is a chaotic mess. The queen of all Diva, the woman with money and power. Dato‚Äô DD builds her cosmetic empire and lived a lavish lifestyle. Being the woman of power changed her character and made her a control freak and a deranged woman, some will call her nutty. The macadamia nuts rich butter taste is a perfect depiction of Dato‚Äô DD in Dukun Diva ‚Äď a rich and nutty lady.

    Macadamia Dark Chocolate

    Love18C chooses the best macadamia nuts from Australia that are carefully roasted to perfect aroma and taste, blend them into small pieces and mix them into our smooth and tasty semi-sweet ganache chocolate.

    Macadamia nut is rich in nutrients and loaded with high antioxidants and like dark chocolate, is good for lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. When we mix two superfoods together to create a flavourful new product, we level up its taste and texture to a whole new height of experience for the chocolate lover.  

    This is dedicated to chocolate lovers who enjoy the mixture of nuts in chocolate. The aroma of chewing the macadamia nuts in the melting chocolate gives your tongue a whole new tasting experience in chocolates

    Love18C X Astro Gempak Dukun Diva - Raisin Cranberries Dark Chocolate

    Dukun Diva Raisin Cranberries

    Astro Originals presents a witty urban drama series featuring a theme of women empowerment and the struggles of society in the city. A story of a washed-up local actress and her juvenile delinquent niece ‚Äď Lola, con their way through the KL high society as shamans. The story tells the hilarious attempts of the two, swindling the elites by preying on their superstitious beliefs. As the flavour suggests - raisins (fruity and aromatic), cranberries (deep and tart); Dukun Diva offers the mix of both flavours. An Astro Original series that presents drama, comedy, action, and investigation, whilst showcasing a mix of flavorful characters that will intrigue the audience for more.

    Raisins & Cranberries Dark Chocolate

    Love18C mix the raisins and cranberries together into our signature semi-sweet dark chocolate, giving you a taste of the great sensation of sweet-chewing berries mixed with smooth melting chocolate in your mouth.

    Raisin and cranberries mixed in chocolates are something sweet that evokes many childhood memories. When was the last time you chewed chocolate with raisins and cranberries?

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    Wasabi flavour tasted like dark chocolate. Pineapple and macademia is good

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