Lychee rose milk chocolate
Lychee rose milk chocolate
Lychee rose milk chocolate
Lychee rose milk chocolate

    Lychee rose milk chocolate

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    Lychee Rose Milk Chocolates by Love18 Chocolates is a celebration of love and finding that perfect match. Inspired by the delicate and sweet taste of lychee and the romantic aroma of roses, this chocolate creation is a reminder that true love is like a delicate balance between two perfect ingredients.

    The journey of finding love can be a difficult one, full of ups and downs, twists and turns. But when you finally find that special someone who complements you in every way, it's like a sweet revelation. That's the feeling that these chocolates evoke, a celebration of the perfect match, just like lychee and rose.

    The creamy milk chocolate base is the foundation of this harmonious pairing, providing a rich and indulgent taste. The sweet and tangy lychee flavor is the perfect complement to the delicate and romantic rose, creating a flavor profile that's both unique and timeless.

    Whether you're in the midst of a romantic journey or simply want to treat yourself to something sweet and special, these Lychee Rose Milk Chocolates are the perfect choice. They're a reminder that love is a beautiful thing, and that finding that perfect match is worth the wait.

    So why not take a moment to treat yourself to the sweetness of true love with these delectable chocolates? Close your eyes, savor the flavor, and let the joy of love wash over you. The perfect match is out there, and these chocolates are a symbol of the happiness and fulfillment that comes with finding it.


    A delicate balance between Milk Chocolate and the flavour of Lychee and Rose, reminding you of a long stroll through an edible garden perfumed with Fruity and Floral aroma. 100% Authentic Rose tea-infused Dark Chocolate delicately combined with finest lychee flavour. 

    Taste profile : Lychee infused milk chocolates with mild rose aroma. 

      -10°C or below

     14 days in chiller (Our chocolates does not contain preservatives, please consume as soon as possible

     10 pcs (100g)

    Ingredients: Couverture chocolate (cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar, soy lecithin (as emulsifier), natural vanilla flavour). Lychee paste, rose tea

    All chocolates ingredients used to make this chocolates are Halal Certified. 

    2020 International (Asia Pacific) Chocolate Silver Awards - Lychee Rose 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Highly Recommend, Must Try!

    You will get surprise with every flavors, sure not enough with every bits, super yummy. I love it.


    It's abit sweet. The combination is special but overall taste is just normal.

    Rui Yen Soo
    It gets better XD

    When i first tried it, ngl it’s kinda weird (not used to the whole floral fruity notes in choc). But i grew to like it and its now one of my faves. The rose and lychee blends pretty well and its not like a very in-your-face overbearing flavour, but more of a gentle/subtle hint of atas-ness in your choc 😂 its more on the sweet side and i love it

    Lian Liu Yumi Soh

    Combination aroma very nice
    But I feel it too sweet for me

    Saras Narayanan

    Absolutely yummy.

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