Sharing Love, Delivering Happiness
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RM45.00 MYR RM135.00 MYR

* LIMIT to 2 orders per person *

** Delivery coverage within KLANG VALLEY ONLY **

*** THIS #STAYATHOME Promotion is dedicated for you to share happiness and positive vibes via chocolates to your friends, buddies, colleagues and family members. 

Our mission -  Sharing Love, Delivering Happiness to spread out love, hope and positive vibes during this #STAYATHOME period, keeping everyone safe and healthy.

Join us in this movement to be one of our love-sharing angel now! 

Flavours available: 60%/ Cappuccino/ Mint / Musang King Durian / Orange





First Love Series - Dark Chocolate Ganache is one of our most ideal chocolate gift products and special treats for your loved ones 
Rich, smooth, and decadent Ganache is crafted by our finest chocolatiers with Belgian and France premium chocolate and quality ingredients. It is a piece of delightful and luxurious confectionery with creamy melt-in-your-mouth texture that comes with different delectable flavors.
100% Freshness Guaranteed with Zero Preservatives 



1. Place your order online by choosing the flavours and quantity of your order. 
2. Check out and make the payment online. 
3. We will be delivering ONE (1) box of chocolates for yourself TWO (2) GIFT VOUCHERS for you to share with TWO (2) of your loved ones.
** Please share ONE (1) voucher code to each individual as everyone can only redeem ONE (1) box of FREE Chocolates during this #STAYATHOME campaign. 
4. You can only order maximum of TWO (2) #STAYATHOME special bundle for this campaign
** which means you can get 2 boxes of chocolates and 4 more boxes of chocolates to give away to 4 different people.

FAQ : 

1. Can I order #STAYATHOME chocolates and have all THREE (3) boxes send to my address? 
(A) No. The TWO (2) boxes are meant to share with TWO (2) different people in order to pass on the happiness and positive vibes.

2. Can I ship all THREE (3) boxes to my address and I will pass/share with my friends? 
(A) During the MCO period, you are encourage to #STAYATHOME and hence let your friends use the gift voucher to redeem their chocolates and arrange the chocolates to be delivered to their address via delivery experts. 

3. Can i order more than TWO (2) #STAYATHOME special bundle? 
(A) Due to limited ingredients supplies & packaging materials, we encourage everyone to only order maximum of 2 bundle and give the chance to other customers to take part in this campaign. 

4. Once I get the Gift Voucher and share with my friends, how soon my friends need to utilize or use the voucher? Is there any expiry date on the voucher? 
(A)The Gift Voucher has validity of SIX (6) months. Your friends can redeem his/her chocolates by placing the order online using the voucher code and opt for delivery or self pick-up within any dates until 30th Sept, 2020. 

5. If I need to know more information, how can I contact you? 
(A) You can reach us via email at < > or chat with us at our FACEBOOK PAGE < > OR INSTAGRAM PAGE < >

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