There is so much more than just chocolate... Here's why

On this World Chocolate Day, Love18 teamed up together with Puratos to bring you the latest Belcolade Cacao-Trace chocolates series that is certified under Puratos Cacao-Trace program. Love18 is now working towards producing organic and fair-trade chocolate. By the end of 2020, Love18 will replaced 75% of its existing product offering with Belcolade Cacao-Trace certified ingredients.

What is Cacao-Trace?

Cacao-Trace stands for superior tasting and sustainable chocolate. It is a unique cocoa sustainability program launched and championed by Puratos that focuses in creating more values and positive impact for all parties involved including the cocoa farmers in their local community such as Ivory Coast, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea and more.

Why support Cacao-Trace? 

1. Reward the farmers with a sustainable extra revenue - chocolate bonus
2. Strengthen the farmers' community - Reduce Child Labor, Provide Education and Health.
3. Increase the implementation of a quality agroforestry and cocoa farming practices.
4. Maintain a Superior tasting quality of chocolate with an exceptional fermentation expertise.
5. Secure a sustainable future of cocoa farming.

"The greatest advantage is reflected on all of our support to the contributions of local cocoa farmer in the cacao farming industry."

For every box of Cacao-Trace chocolate sold, a chocolate bonus of EU$0.10 will go back to support the local Cacao-Trace farmer community.

The more we take part in sustainable agroforestry and organic practices, the more impact we can create in helping the farmers to protect their land and crops for a better autonomy.
Together let's care for cacao supply chain and the farmers. Your choice of Love18 is now more than just a box of happiness.
— Sharing love, Delivering Happiness.