Make a Delicious Impression & Enhance your Valued Bonds
with the Personalised Corporate Gift by Love18.

A gift from Love18 is much more than just a beautiful and delectable chocolate treat, it is a gift of love, care, gratitude, encouragement, an experience that brings joy to everyone.

Why Choose Love18 for your Corporate Gifting?

Start Personalising your Gifts Today!

Follow these easy steps below on how you can start customising your own chocolate gift! Tailor-made projects offer the most beautiful attention that suits you. 

We have more than 20 different flavours to satisfy any taste. Surprise them with their all-time favourites.

Pick Your Flavours

Pick your favourite types of chocolates with the designs you love! Do you like it soft or hard? Round, Square or Rose?

First Love Beautiful Life With Love Love Story

Choose your choice of gift box that fits your needs - whether it is for your clients, employees, events and more. We can fill in the box with chocolates of your choice.

1. Gift Box

2pcs 4pcs 6pcs 9pcs 10pcs

2. Wooden Box

5pcs 16pcs

Some add-ons of your choice to help make your gifts more personalised.

1. Sleeve Packaging

Design your own logo, message, or taglines on the sleeves and wrap it around the gift box! Make it even more beautifully synchronised with your branding or personality.

Corproate Gift Box Corproate Gift Box Corproate Gift Box Corproate Gift Box Corproate Gift Box Corproate Gift Box

2. Message Card

Tagging your gift box with a message card containing your thoughtful message is equally important to amplify the beauty of gifting. It’s the way of expressing your inner thoughts behind the reason and happiness of gifting.

Message Card

3. Gift Bag

A Gift bag is a plus point! It can influence the receiver to have a more favourable attitude towards owning the gift item.

Paper Bag Gift Bag

4. Gift Voucher Card with a Personal Message

A Gift voucher card with your unique message can be included to add to the recipient's feeling of warmth. Alternatively, you can send us your own gift cards, which we would gladly enclose for you*

Gift Bag

Contact our sales team, send us all your choice and details and we will deliver your order to you.

*A minimum quantity is required for all personalisation and corproate order.

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