“Les Trésors De Love”

Represent Malaysia in the next upcoming International Chocolate Awards Competition!

Over the years, our passionate chocolatiers at Love18C have created a range of over 50+ chocolate flavours. Some were launched successfully, others were discontinued, and some never made it to the market. Throughout this journey of discovery, 5 of our products made it into the International Chocolate Awards Competition stages and won multiple awards in bonbon and truffle categories, making us the first Malaysia chocolatier to win in the International Chocolate Award Competition.

This year, we are taking a different approach. We want to involve you in our entire product innovation journey from the very beginning. Last month, we compiled a list of chocolate flavours we believe you may like, and we sent it to over 2,000 customers to get their feedback. From this valuable feedback, we have short-listed 16 amazing flavours which we have included in this premium collection box. The final list is comprised of 10 entirely new flavours that never appeared in our past collections and another 6 flavours that are enhanced and improved versions of the flavours we launched last year.

At this juncture, we are inviting you to be our first chocolate tasters and connoisseurs to join us in judging these chocolate creations and help us to select the 6 flavours we will be launching into the market this coming October. These flavours will also be submitted into the 2021/22 International Chocolate Awards Competition Asia Pacific Region to be held in Taiwan in December 2021, and the World Competition to be held in Florence, Italy in the Summer of 2022.

The theme of this year’s creation is “Les Trésors De Love”, or The Treasure of Love -- symbolising all the best chocolate creations that we have made so far in one incredible box, all filled with our love and passion about chocolates. We bring in the best ingredients we can source and pair them with our chocolate, some as unique as Mexico Jalapeno, Japanese Wasabi and Hojicha, Madagascar Vanilla and others. We also source authentic Malaysian fruits such as pineapple and coconut in our creations, too.

We will leave the rest of the session for you to have a personal encounter with our lovely creations. Take time to taste them, to touch them, to experience them, and to engage with them. Feel them, let the chocolate melt in your tongue, and let the after-taste tinker with your senses and dance in your mind.



Once you have received your “Les Trésors De Love”, please scan the QR code of each chocolate in the booklet and leave us your feedback and comments for each piece of chocolate. Thank you for helping us to choose the best chocolates to represent Malaysia in the next upcoming International Chocolate Awards Competition!

How can you join?

Purchase above RM80 and get  “Les Trésors De Love” for FREE! 

Thank you for joining us today. Stay safe, stay healthy, and above all -- stay in love with chocolate!


With love,

Team Love18C 

Do not hesitate to reach us out if you have any questions!