Love18 mourns the loss of co-founder, the late Khaw Ai Leen. 

Little do people know it was a promise of Love between a husband and wife, Eddie and Aileen that established Love18. 

In those days, when Eddie and Ai Leen fell for each other, they began envisioning what their future would be. They both shared a small and simple dream for retirement even before they got married: and that was to open a chocolate cafe by the seaside. It was something fun yet precious that they had been wanting to do for a long time. 

“I have always been an adventurous guy. I dare to explore and take chances. Back then, I built up from nothing while my wife, Ai Leen, the steady and rational ones, was always there for me, keeping me grounded,” Eddie said.

While Eddie was struggling to cope with all the challenges and hardships of experimenting and creating Love18, the thought of giving up crossed his mind but Ai Leen had always supported him unconditionally through every step of the journey right from the scratch.

“She woke up at 4 a.m to accompany me, then two of us, making chocolates together. ” Eddie said.

Her endless benevolence, selflessness, devotion and determination for the past 16 years show the pure spirit of love and passion, had brought Love18 to life in 2012, and to where we are today. 

The first series of chocolate — First Love, was named after Ai Leen. 

“I actually have a family history of diabetes so I’m extra careful when it comes to desserts and sweets, but after tasting the chocolates Eddie specially handmade for me, it was … Love at first bite and from then, I crave for it everyday. ” Ai Leen recalled.

It was Eddie’s first creation, Ai Leen’s first love, our first series, and everyone’s first love.

Eddie and Ai Leen believe that as long as we put heart and soul into everything we do and create good products with lots of passion, then the rest would let our consumers do the judging tasks. As well as being humble and improving the quality of products to near perfect, in return the business will flourish. They hope to share the message of love and happiness, and that is the belief that drives them throughout these years, and it has served as our mantra ever since then — "Sharing Love, Delivering Happiness"

As the company approaches its 9th year, we acknowledge that this is a remarkable achievement, one grown from the love story of Eddie and Ai Leen. The chocolate cafe is no longer just a goal they aim for in retirement days. It has given them a purpose to inspire others to follow their dreams and for them to make a difference in other people’s lives. 

Love18 has flourished over the years and now has reached millions of people across different countries.

Aileen has been a key role player and strong pillar contributing to the success of Love18 as her creativity together with her love for chocolates led her to lay the first foundation for Love18. 

Her legacy is manifested in the lives of many young people who have benefited under her personal tutelage in the field of artisanal handmade chocolates and the footprints that she has left behind were forever manifested in the current and future range of chocolate products of Love18. She has indeed completed her race on earth knowing fully well that she has set higher goals and standards for others to follow. 

Aileen has inspired all of us with her stories and spirit, in the name of love, and also brought countless happiness and good times not only towards her family, her husband but also towards all employees and treated them as a part of her family. 

Ai Leen passed away peacefully on 13th October 2021, and it is a time of bereavement, left all of us in grief. While we mourn the loss, let us honour the achievements she had made, the many hearts she had touched, and the great woman, wife, mother, leader she had become. Love18 would not have been possible and we wouldn’t be here today without her love, persistence and hard work. 

The best way to pay tribute to our co-founder is to continue pursuing her dream and work hard together to bring Love18 to greater heights.

In memory of the late Khaw Ai Leen, the Angel of Love18. In celebration of a life well-lived and loved. You will always be in our hearts...❤️


沉痛哀悼,深切缅怀 —— Love18 品牌联合创始人Khaw Ai Leen 与世长辞

真正认识Love18 品牌之前,几乎无人知道,Love18 是因'爱'而诞生。

我们的创始人,Eddie和 Ai Leen夫妇,以他们对生活美好的向往与憧憬而追寻梦想,及对爱的承诺而共同创立了这个品牌。

当Eddie和Ai Leen相遇,憧憬着未来的美好时,谈起了他们小小的退休梦想 — 在海边开一家巧克力咖啡馆。

“我总是敢於探索和冒险,所以我那敬终慎始的妻子Ai Leen总是在我身边确保我没无缘无故踩错坑。”

Eddie在创立Love18当时,面临各种挑战和艰辛,甚至有了放弃的想法,Ai Leen始终无条件地支持,鼓励与陪伴。



第一系列巧克力 — First Love,就是以Ai Leen而命名。

“我实际上有糖尿病的家族史,所以在甜食方面我要很小心; 在品尝了他亲手为我特别制作的巧克力之后,咬下第一口的那一瞬间,是......初恋的感觉啊...之後每天都想吃。” Ai Leen甜蜜的回忆。

这是Eddie的第一个创作,Ai Leen的初恋,Love18的第一个系列及每个人的初恋。

Eddie和Ai Leen相信,只要我们全心全意投入我们所做的一切,创造出优质的产品并让人们成为我们的评委,一定会开花结果, 生意就会跟着蓬勃发展。

“分享爱,传递幸福” — 就是驱使他们前进的理由和信念。他们希望可以把这份爱与幸福传达下去,以巧克力分享爱与关怀给更多人,从此它也成功塑造了我们品牌,成爲了我们品牌核心使命。

Love18随着Eddie和Ai Leen的爱情故事而诞生和发展。成立的第9周年,达到了非凡的成就。巧克力咖啡馆不再只是他们退休后的目标,它赋予了激发他人实现梦想并改变他人生活的目的。Love18成功的蓬勃发展,如今已遍及数百万人,分别来自不同国家。



她对追求更美好世界的坚持不懈,以及她所做出的巨大的贡献和支持,她更牵动了许多心灵。为 Love18取得耀眼成就,创造了一个美丽诞生,一个带给大家幸福的巧克力。她所留下的足迹,也完美体现出Love18当前和未来品牌形象。

Ai Leen于2021年10月13日安详离世,让我们悲痛不已。我们一定会把她的精神深植于心,沿着她的足迹,继续让 Love18 发光发热。 

让我们深深悼念,敬佩并永远怀念Ai Leen受人敬爱的一生。

Khaw Ai Leen,Love18 品牌联合创始人爱的天使。您将永远活在我们的心中,您的爱也将跟随我们一直走下去。。。❤️