Green tea white chocolate

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The freshness of Japanese Green tea is made from unoxidized leaves and is one of the less processed types of tea hence it contains the most antioxidants. It has a naturally attractive smell, rich earthy scent and a pleasant woody aroma that perfectly dissolves to create and complement rich and creamy Belgian white chocolate ​to excite your taste buds. Perfect for anyone, anytime, anywhere

Taste profile : Green Tea infused white chocolates with strong green tea aroma. 

  -10°C or below

 14 days in chiller (Our chocolates does not contain preservatives, please consume as soon as possible

 10 pcs (100g)

Ingredients: Couverture chocolate (cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar, soy lecithin (as emulsifier), natural vanilla flavour). green tea powder from Japan

All chocolates ingredients used to make this chocolates are Halal Certified. 



In early 2016 while we are experimenting on new flavours, we was inspired to create a unique and special series of chocolates. We were determined to create a series that would evoke emotion, stir the senses, and transport you to another place. We sought to craft a chocolate that was not just delicious, but also meaningful. And thus, the Green Tea Infused White Chocolates were born.

The idea for these chocolates was inspired by a beautiful love story between two people who met over a cup of hot green tea. They bonded over their shared love for the calming, yet invigorating tea and the sweet, delicate taste of white chocolate. They fell in love as they sipped their tea and savored their chocolates, and their love only grew stronger with each passing day.

Love18 Chocolates wanted to capture this magical love story in each bite of their Green Tea Infused White Chocolates. They wanted to share the essence of this touching romance with the world, and so they carefully crafted each chocolate, infusing it with the delicate flavor of green tea and combining it with the smooth, creamy texture of white chocolate.

With each bite, you'll be transported to the world of this sweet love story. The green tea will invigorate your senses, while the white chocolate will soothe your soul. You'll experience a perfect balance of flavors and textures, a symphony of tastes and sensations that will evoke a deep, emotional connection to this touching love story.

So go ahead, taste the Green Tea Infused White Chocolates and let their inspiring romance story touch your heart and fill your soul. You'll never forget the experience, and you'll always be inspired by the power of love.


Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Chin Seong See
the chocolate melted a little

packaging need use the frozen bags.

Regina Lim
Love the balance of flavour

The bitterness and sweetness of chocolate is of perfect balance for me, the green tea taste is quite strong as well which I like

Mandy Khorashadi

Love the creaminess of green tea bits

My first Love18 Choco

This brought me into Love18. My first green tea white chocolate which marks my MCO memory. I love it. Though subsequent repurchases I find it gets sweeter and sweeter over time so I have stopped buying. Always remember its great taste.

Qatrun Yahya
Love love loveeee

It's so good and I kept it in the freezer all the time, it's still soft to eat. Tastes so premium!