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朋友 (Péngyǒu) 

Love18C Edition series x Melinda Looi Cruise 2021 Collection
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Kuala Lumpur, February 2021 - Melinda Looi Cruise 2021 Collection entitled PÉNGYǑU is an Ode to Friendship. Friendships do not happen only between friends, but also with our partners, family members, co-workers and acquaintances… old or new. We can even extend our friendship to people on the other side of the world whom we have never met and perhaps never will. “Friendship is like humanity. And in times like these, it’s important that we celebrate people; bring joy in any way we can.” explains the designer when asked about the name of her latest collection…
The launch of Love18C Edition Series, when Love18C meets Melinda Looi…
Our passion for innovation and desire for challenges with different energetic personalities, across different industries, ignites the spark in the creation of art and sensory experience of chocolates to enable the launch of the Edition series – celebrating craftsmanship from both creative worlds.
When chocolates meets fashion, Love18C bridges the gap to harness the creative inspirations from two different worlds, bonded with a common passion – to pursue the curation of a unique luxury series of artisan chocolate.
Love18C, the FIRST Malaysian handmade chocolate brand to win the World Chocolate Award has dabbled with Melinda Looi, the glamour of the fashion world, an award-winning internationally-known couture brand as an inspiration to mark the beginning of a new release of Love18C Edition series – Melinda Looi Edition No.1 – 9, a collection of 9 meaningful art chocolate creations. With Melinda Look, it transformed a sensorial experience – that of delighting in the finest Love18C chocolates – into high art.

It has been specially curated in conjunction with Melinda Looi's Cruise 2021 Collection – PÉNGYǑU– which means friendship
– and has been thoughtfully designed with Melinda’s close friends in mind; each flavour bringing to life their personalities.

About Love18C

Love18C, established in 2013, is the first Malaysian chocolate company to be recognised for excellence in craftsmanship at the International Chocolate Awards – first in 2019, then in 2020. At Love18C, we are committed to perfecting the art of true European artisanal chocolate. Every piece at Love18C is handcrafted by our passionate chocolatiers with only the finest European ingredients. We strive to develop the art of flavour in each bite to achieve our ultimate goal: sharing love and delivering happiness.
Awards & Accolades
World Chocolate Awards Winner 2019
International Chocolate Awards Winner 2020
International Chocolate Awards Asia pacific Gold 2020
International Chocolate Awards Asia pacific Bronze 2020
International Chocolate Awards Winner 2019
International Chocolate Awards Asia pacific Silver 2019
International Chocolate Awards Asia pacific Gold 2019
International Chocolate Awards Gastro 2019
Featured in AEC, NTV7, Oriental Daily, Astro XUAN, Entrepreneurship Magazine, The Star Newspaper Interview, Sin Chew Daily Newspaper Interview, China Press Daily Interview, Guang Ming Daily Newspaper Interview, Malaysia Tatler, BUROMalaysia



    About Melinda Looi

    A purveyor of fine art and vintage chic, Melinda Looi loves to create unique ‘art pieces’. Her creations have won her multiple awards and recognition around the world in countries like France, UK, Japan, Switzerland, Singapore, Canada, Hong Kong and Malaysia, where she has won the title ‘Designer of the Year’ three times. Today, Melinda has established two brands under her name: Melinda Looi Couture and Melinda Looi (ready - to - wear). Her companies also offer uniform and interior design services. Melinda is also constantly involved in collaborations - from charities and eco-friendly events, to art projects as well as partnerships with international brands including Swarovski, TUMI, L'Oréal, Levi's and many more.
    Awards & Accolades
    President of Malaysian Official Designers Association (MODA) 2019-Present, Malaysia
    IOC Sport and Art Trophy 2014, Malaysia/Switzerland
    Malaysian Representative at World Fashion Week 2014, Paris, France
    First 3D Print Fashion Show in Asia, 2013, Kuala Lumpur
    Designer of the Year 2009, Mercedes Benz STYLO Fashion Awards, Kuala Lumpur
    Designer of the Year 2006, MIFW, Kuala Lumpur
    Designer of the Year 2004, MIFW, Kuala Lumpur
    Most Dynamic Designer 2003, MIFA, Kuala Lumpur
    Asia Pacifica Young Designer Award 2000, Hong Kong
    ASEAN Designer Award 1995, Singapore
    Cotton Award 1995, Japan
    Malaysia Young Designer Award 1995, Kuala Lumpur
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