Our Belief


Started out with the humble beginning of making a simple living during retirement day by sharing lovely, quality and premium handmade chocolates with our customers, this is where we begin. It is just a simple dream for me and my wife during early day of Love18.
Slowly, we started to involve our children and their education journey into our chocolate workshop. We start to involve our children into chocolate business where we wish they can pick up some meaningful living skills when they grow up. We also set the path that in near future, we can expand the chocolates into different countries where we can bring along our entire family to help setup the chocolates business in different countries. In a grand vision, 10 years for 10 countries; where our entire family will stay in a country for a year to setup the chocolate business locally in that country, and at the same time experiencing the rich local culture and visiting exciting places across that country.
However, our dream never stopping there. When we realize that whenever we share our vision and dream with others, many people are also move by our dream and wish that one day they can experience similar journey like we plan to do; while they are still young. It had then become our grand vision to create a chocolate corporation where we can empower our team members to experience what we set for the live journey.
In our grand vision is to grow every employee who work with us for more than 2 years and mastered the skills of chocolate making and art of chocolatiers, are welcome to join us in our global expansion plan. They can also opt for the 10 years 10 countries program where they pack their luggage and skills to travel the world to share their chocolates experiences to people in different countries.
The more often we share this vision with others, the more solid our idea is refined and make possible. We may not be the richest and largest corporation in the world; nor the most generous corporate with a lot of meaningful CSR to help the poor and building community; nor largest corporation who hire over millions of employees and feeding tens-millions of family members; but we believe in a simple dream that empowering next generation. Give them an opportunity to see and experience the world. Empowering them to live greater than the routine 20km work-home journey. If one value we are cultivating, it will be the vision to inspire the next generation to live life to the fullest, and be the source of love and inspiration to touch others in their community, and make their dream come true.