Sao Tome Origin Chocolates

In 1822, São Tomé and Príncipe were the first African islands to import cocoa from Brazil. Today still, a few direct descendants of the original Forastero plants from South America can be found on the island, yielding very high quality beans. Since 1913, São Tomé was the world’s largest producer of cocoa. They were nicknamed the ‘Chocolate Islands’.

Sao Tomé chocolate has a very intense and complex taste, rich in roasted cacao, and with plenty of refreshing fruity notes: apricot, red fruits, citrus and even hints of tea. Sao Tomé is great to savour as such. For pairings, our chocolatier recommend to combine it with fruits that have a moderate to high acidity and sweetness. Slightly bitter ingredients such as walnuts or mild coffees and spices such as Sichuan pepper that have a tingy effect on the tongue also create beautiful harmonies.


In this coming March, Love18 Chocolatier has the privilege to introduce the Sao Tomé Origin chocolate to the fellow Malaysian chocolate lovers. We sourced for the best quality Sao Tomé cocoa, the 70% Bitter-Fruity dark chocolate and blend with the premium quality French cream to give you our signature melt-in-the-mouth texture and feeling.


In the past two months, we get a lot of feedback and suggestion from our customers suggesting us to introduce the smaller packaging that contain half of the portion of our standard First Love chocolates. We heard you and we are introducing the whole new 10pcs First Love Chocolates Gift Box using premium wood packaging. We ensure the new wooden box packaging is make perfect for both self consumption or sharing with friend as gift.




As part of our effort to educating and sharing the best quality chocolates to more Malaysian, we planned to give away 5,000 boxes of Sao Tome Origin Limited Gift Box and we need your help to share this with your friends who are chocolates lovers, especially those who love bitter-sweet dark chocolates. In this Buy 1 Free 1 Promotion period, you will get 1 box of Sao Tome Origin Gift Box for every 1 box you purchase. In short, if you buy 2 boxes in your shopping basket, you only pay for price of 1 box. You can enjoy this promotion with up to 6 boxes of chocolates and pay only price of 3 boxes.

Use this DISCOUNT CODE in your check out page : MARCHVELLOUS

Step 1: Add 2 boxes at the Quantity Column for the chocolates. Proceed to CHECK OUT.



Step 2. You will see the total amount is RM64 for 2 boxes.


Step 3: Apply the Discount Code MARCHVELLOUS and you will get 1 box for FREE. You can enjoy up to 3 boxes FREE by adding 6 boxes in to your shopping cart.

You can choose to let us deliver to you if you are located at Klang Valley, Penang or Johor Bharu. At the moment these are the three location where we can provide delivery. Alternately you can also pick up the chocolates from our retail outlet at Penang, Mid Valley, Genting, Setiawalk Purchong or Bangsar. This is a special ONLINE PROMOTION so it is not able to enjoy the same promotion at our retail outlet.

If you need further information, feel free to email us at or leave us a message at our Facebook page and we will get back to you asap. We look forward to see you enjoying our limited edition Sao Tome Origin Chocolates!