Love18 Chocolates is always open to collaborating with universities and campuses to promote chocolates and positive movements that can bring a significant impact on society. We understand that universities are the foundation of education and knowledge sharing, and we believe that collaborating with universities is a great way to promote awareness and bring change to various aspects of society. We welcome collaborations from different faculties, including mental health illness, depression, palliative care, e-commerce, marketing, business administration, culinary and more. We are committed to contributing to the community and supporting students in their learning journey by sharing our expertise and knowledge with them. Our team at Love18 Chocolates is experienced and knowledgeable in the chocolate industry and has expertise in various fields related to business, marketing, and e-commerce. We believe that collaboration with universities will be an excellent platform for us to share our experience and knowledge with the next generation of students who will drive change and create a positive impact in society. We are always excited to explore new ideas and opportunities for collaboration, and we welcome any universities or campuses that share the same values as us to contact us for potential collaborations. Together, we can make a difference and create a better tomorrow for the society we live in. You can always reach out to us at if you have an idea that can bring a positive impact on society and your campus.