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We believe when you introduce people to truly premium chocolate and ingredients, they will be won over instantly. That's our Love18 philosophy that started in 2013 and one we still live by today. Love18 Chocolates still sources for the best ingredients we can get from all over the world, such as hazelnut from Italy, Vanilla from Madagascar, and cream from France. Single-origin chocolates are blended together to create complex + unique tasting experiences. And of course, we wouldn’t be Love18 Chocolates without using all the premium chocolates of Valrhona (France), Callebaut (Belgian) and Felchlin (Switzerland). 


We are passionate about partnering with only the best chocolate companies to make our confections. That's why we turn to Valrhona Chocolate to create our Beautiful Life bonbon couverture chocolates. What does couverture mean? It means we only use the highest quality chocolate with a minimum of 32% cocoa butter to create the smooth, creamy (and never “waxy”) confections you love. You won’t find our unique flavor anywhere else. The blends are filled with bold notes of red fruits, smoky tobacco and subtle tannins for a perfect earthy balance. We work with the best chocolate makers work intricately with cacao growers to develop desired chocolate flavors in beans and use traditional methods of roasting, refining, and tempering that create vibrant flavor notes you'll find throughout our confections like citrus, warm spice, and lingering vanilla.


Best artisan chocolates made in small batches, 100% handmade by our chocolatier. 

We invite many press media partners and friends to visit our chocolate kitchen and one question they always do is asking us where is our chocolate tempering machine or other chocolate equipment they are familiar in other chocolate factories; and we do not have any of those machine installed in our production. Every piece of the chocolate we made is 100% handmade, with the traditional mabel slab tempering method. We are proud to keep up with our handmade artisan chocolate making skill and we enjoy the process very much! 



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