We are the Premium Artisanal Handmade Chocolatier
of the finest Belgian tradition since 2013.

We believe when you introduce people to truly
premium chocolates and ingredients, they will be
won over instantly.
That's our “Love18C” philosophy (18°C being the optimum
temperature that brings out the best taste, flavor and texture
in chocolates) that started in 2013 and one we still live by today.
Love18C Chocolates sources for the best ingredients
we can get from all over the world,
such as hazelnut from Italy, vanilla from Madagascar,
and cream from France. Single-origin chocolates are blended
together to create complex and unique tasting experiences.
And of course, we wouldn’t be Love18C Chocolates without
using all the premium chocolates of Valrhona (France),
Callebaut (Belgium) and Felchlin (Switzerland).

Our chocolates have been crowned at the prestigious
International Chocolates Awards.
These are the chocolate creations that are carefully judged,
selected and identified by world-famous chocolates connoisseurs
and experts from Europe, United States and Latin America
based on stringent tasting criteria and judging methodologies.
Only the chocolates that pass the highest global standards
are awarded such title, and Love18C is the first chocolate
company in Malaysia to receive 3 such awards for consecutive
years in 2019, 2020 & 2021

Best artisan chocolates are made in small batches
100% freshly handmade by our award-winning chocolatier, daily!
Like love, it’s carefully nurtured and never rushed. Only at Love18C.

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