Cappuccino dark chocolate

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The classic pair of love - the sensual cappuccino blend with our rich and well-bodied Belgian dark chocolate gets you in the love-spiked mood. This is your kind of chocolate to start the day off right and for the night of seduction with just a bite!

Taste profile : Semi-sweet dark chocolates with strong coffee aroma. 

  -10°C or below

 14 days in chiller (Our chocolates does not contain preservatives, please consume as soon as possible

 20 pcs (150g)

Ingredients: Couverture chocolate (cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar, soy lecithin (as emulsifier), natural vanilla flavour), cappuccino coffee emulco. 

All ingredients used to make this chocolates are Halal Certified. 



Cappuccino infused dark chocolates are more than just a sweet treat. They're a symbol of self motivation, reminding us to pursue our passions and dreams no matter what obstacles we face.

This chocolate creation is inspired by the bold, rich flavors of cappuccino and the indomitable spirit of the people who enjoy it. People who relish the taste of this bold, invigorating coffee drink are the same people who are constantly seeking new challenges and pushing themselves to be the best they can be. They're not content to simply coast through life - they want to make a real difference, to leave a lasting impact.

With every bite of our cappuccino infused dark chocolate, you'll be reminded of that spirit of determination and drive. The deep, rich flavors of coffee will linger on your tongue, encouraging you to embrace new adventures and take on new challenges. Whether you're starting a new project at work, setting out on a new path in life, or simply looking for a little extra motivation to keep pushing forward, these chocolates will be your constant companion.

So go ahead and indulge in this delicious, self-motivating treat. Take a bite and let the flavors of cappuccino remind you of what you're capable of. With every piece, you'll be reminded that there's nothing you can't do if you put your heart and soul into it



Customer Reviews

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CS handling

the seller said only shipped out after X'mas which 3~5 days required. what for the packaging printed 'Merry Christmas' but couldn't deliver before festive day?


The Cappucino taste is not too strong and leaves a nice aftertaste.
It's not too sweet for me (i don't like sweet stuff) and the chocolate itself is a nice smooth creamy texture.
But i've found that Love 18C chocs cannot be eaten too many at a time as the chocolate is quite rich

Justine Loh
1 of my fav

Love the taste. Not too sweet, a bit bitter/dark.


It taste good !

Too bitter

Sadly this tastes too bitter for me and is not my cup of tea. Prefer hazelnut over this.