Lychee Rose Awards Winning Gift Box 10pcs (Limited Edition)

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世界巧克力大奖亚太区竞赛的铜奖 - 荔枝玫瑰巧克力
International (Asia Pacific) Chocolate Bronze Awards - Lychee Rose Milk Chocolate

顶级玫瑰茶叶与纯荔枝酱 一起製成的牛奶巧克力,花香與果香结合得天衣无缝,满意出的芬芳简直超乎你的想象,形成了浓郁玫瑰花茶味的荔枝牛奶巧克力。玫瑰花一直以来是爱情的象征,而荔枝玫瑰花有着更好的爱情寓意。当然搭配上巧克力,显得自己独特的爱意。 

A delicate balance between Milk Chocolate and the flavor of Lychee and Rose, reminding you of a long stroll through an edible garden perfumed with Fruity and Floral aroma. 100% Authentic Rose tea-infused Dark Chocolate delicately combined with finest lychee flavor. 

This First Love Series is filled with 10pcs of confectionary. Let this Awards Winning Gift Box be your go-to gift for the perfect celebration with someone you love or have it delivered to their doorstep for a cute surprise that will have them grateful and exuberant to have you in their life!


Nutritional Info (100g)

Ingredients: Couverture chocolate (cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar, soy lecithin (as emulsifier), natural vanilla flavour), Rose infused tea, whipping cream, Lychee Paste unsalted butter.